The Jerms – Baby, Baby Love

Normally we bring you tracks on the blog that are funk or soul recorded by artists heavily associated with those genres, however this week I’m bringing you something just a tad different.

In my bio I mention how I am also a big fan of psychedelia as well as soul & funk, and that interest is what has inspired this choice. I was listening to this song for the first time in a while the other day and it really struck me how damn funky this cut is. Sure it has some weird phasing and other psych elements to it, but it also has some great guitar work and my old fave – the organ.

This selection is backed by an a-side that may be familiar to some of you – “Nobody”, a cover of a track originally released by Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford and featured on David Holmes “Come Get It, I Got It” from a few years back. The Jerms version is rather good too, though I narrowly prefer the original.

So what about the band themselves? Well, The Jerms were a late 60s band from Kansas who had a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with a cover of the often covered “Green Door”. Several line-up changes later and the band relocated to California, supporting the likes of Black Sabbath! Unfortunately though, the band were never able to secure an album deal and this lead to them splitting up soon after with the majority of the band moving back to Kansas.

Hope you dig the groove! 

About gazfunk

I'm a UK based dj/collector who loves all things funky. I also have a big interest in 60's garage, freakbeat, psychedelia and 60's pop. I have been dj'ing for 15 years and played sets in Belfast, Dublin, London, Manchester, Stockholm, Madrid, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Saigon, Siem Reap, Melbourne & Sydney as well as performing at a number of music festivals.

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  1. bought this record the other day, im too excited for its arvial !


  2. Nice one – the flip side is rather excellent too. A nice cover of the Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford original. Enjoy!


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