Little Royal – Razor Blade

Little Royal - Razor Blade

It’s always good to feature some tracks on the blog that our viewers may recognise from other songs that have sampled them, but have never heard or didn’t know who did the original. This week’s selection is one such example.

I first came across this song (or should I say the song which sampled it – Ice T’s fantastic “Lethal Weapon”) a long time ago – around 1990 in fact when I was just a kid but listened on intently to my older brother’s hip-hop records. As well as the usual Beastie Boys, Run DMC & Public Enemy LPs that formed the musical background during the height of the troubles here in Belfast, he also had a penchant for the harder edged hip-hop that contained plenty of profanities and lyrics about gang violence & drugs.

Growing up against the backdrop of what was essentially a civil war, these lyrics really connected with me and the fact that I was able to hear such swearing in a song had a profound effect on me as a 10-year-old! It was later in years when I began to leave hip-hop behind as the Golden Age was coming to an end and I began to tire of the new style of rap that was coming through, that I began to delve deeper into finding out just where exactly the breaks in my favourite hip-hop records came from.

What initially started out as an interest almost grew into an obsession and it wasn’t long before I was able to identify most of the samples in my favourite records during the Golden Age. This led me to buy more & more vinyl and through time I was able to discover even more funk, soul & jazz tracks that were sampled in hip-hop tracks that I didn’t know and also others that were to be used in future hits!

This infatuation led me to put together numerous private compilations under the title “Gimme A Break” where I featured many tracks that have been sampled by hip-hop artists and plenty of others that to my knowledge haven’t but which are surely ripe for sampling. At last count I had reached over 30 cds and I consider this collection as my own personal opus.

So enjoy the track and if nothing else, I hope some of you are happy that you now know what that funky sample was on Lethal Weapon!

About gazfunk

I'm a UK based dj/collector who loves all things funky. I also have a big interest in 60's garage, freakbeat, psychedelia and 60's pop. I have been dj'ing for 15 years and played sets in Belfast, Dublin, London, Manchester, Stockholm, Madrid, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Saigon, Siem Reap, Melbourne & Sydney as well as performing at a number of music festivals.

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  1. Where can I buy this tune?
    Many thanks
    Tina x


  2. If you want the vinyl I’d try you should be able to pick one up nice & cheap from there 🙂


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